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    MPEG2 and jump points


      I have PE7 and a high def' camcorder, a DVD writer but no Bluray writer. I also have a full HD TV. PE7 is great at producing DVDs and I widely use the facility to include "jump points" so I can migrate to a point within the DVD with ease. It all works very well.


      I have dropped videos to MPEG2 1440 by 1080 on a USB stick and when viewing the results on the full HD TV the results are trully amazing. I cant believe the quality.


      However, I cant figure out how to create the same effect as "jump points" within an MPEG2 stream. Do I need to produce "chapters" (and its not clear to me what these are) and if so how do I do so.


      Any advise warmly welcome.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I'm not quite sure what you're asking, andy.


          You say that you are successfully creating chapter points when you produce a DVD.


          You won't be able to add chapter points to an existing MPEG though. Not without putting it into Premiere Elements and then transcoding it to a DVD. (Although then it will no longer be a hi-def MPEG, of course. It will be a DVD.)


          Is that what you're asking?

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            andy.nehan Level 1

            I guess what I am really asking is how do I create "chapters" on an MPEG2 1440 by 1080i output stream. I'm not sure what "chapters" are (OK so that does not help). I hazard a guess that it means that I would have to break the total Hi Def MPEG2 video into sections. I suppose I could do this by outputting multiple smaller MPEG2 videos using the render from the selected part of the timeline option within the Share facility. Then I could colect up all the MPEG2 files and put them in a folder.But is there some other cunning way to do this?

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              In your first post, you say that you've been able to create and use chapter successfully for DVDs and BluRays.


              That is the only way to add "jump points". As I've said, there is no way to add chapters to a raw MPEG file. These chapter markers are part of the DVD or BluRay authoring.

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                andy.nehan Level 1

                Thanks - thats what I suspected.