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    can't read an attachment; can't download

    mary anne connelly

      I received an attachment on an email and read it with no difficulty. Two days later, I downloaded the attachment, I click "open" but got the message saying something like "this cannot be read blah blah".In addition, I attempted to download documents from a website and when the Adobe Reader comes up, some kind of pop up screen begins coming on and going off- almost looks like blinking.  I called Adobe, I discovered I have Adobe 9.2, Adobe AIR, and Adobe Flash Player 10 Activex. The Adobe representative suggested I remove Adobe 9.2 reader which I did,  (I assume with the intention of suggesting I reinstall it), but then she backed up and recommended I come onto this, whatever this is, to get answers to my problem.


      I don't do anything fancy at all. I don't need anything beyond what it takes to read the emails I am sent by other businesses. These never include videos, I don't do pictures, I don't burn CDS, or anything. I just want to be able to download attachments from my email and download applications from several different websites. I want to get rid of anything I don't need. Can anyone help me in simple language?

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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Whether or not you need Reader depends on whether the attachments you are trying to open are .pdf files or something else. If they are .pdf, you will need Adobe Reader to view them.


          It does not read emails, view movies, burn CD's or anything else.


          If they are .pdf files, it would be good to get the exact message (that is important) and exact steps you have taken to try and open the file.


          Also, did you reinstall Reader after removing it when you talked to tech support? If not, you will need to download and reinstall it.

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