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    Authenticating to Google API with Flex


      Am designing an app that I hope will use Flex as frontend and Google Data API for data storage.  Talking to Google's API requires authentication like this in the HTTP request:


      GET http://maps.google.com/maps/feeds/features/userID/mapID/snippet?searchParameters
      Authorization: GoogleLogin auth=

      (see http://code.google.com/apis/gdata/docs/auth/overview.html for details)

      I'm reading various posts online that say this is either impossible or tricky using AS3, and I'm not sure what
      the reality is.

      Some people say they're using AS3SyndicationLib to do this but it's still not clear to me that it would do what I need.

      I'm curious to see if anyone is doing this and how.  I don't want to start building other parts of my app if this
      is going to be a dead-end for me since failing the authentication piece would be a complete show-stopper.

      [Amendment:  A while after this post I found this thread which gives me a little more confidence that this can be done:


      But still if anyone is having success talking to any Google API's, especially the new Google Map Data API, I'd love to hear it!]