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    No Audio When Previewing or Rendering


      I have a good question. Audio in every program works fine except for Adobe After Effects CS4. When I preview a clip with audio using the preview panel, it plays the video but no audio. In the db meter, there is no activity. When I render the video, there is still no audio. How I can tell that there is audio is by the waveform. I hit the shortcut LL and it shows the waveform. I have tried songs in MP3 format and it still doesn't work. The only way I can hear the audio is if I preview the audio by either right clicking and going to preview, or by simply hitting the (.) key on the number pad. Yet when I go up to the preview panel and hit play, it scrubs through the waveform but does not play any audio.


      I probably just wrote a paragraph just to say that there's no sound but I need to get this problem fixed as soon as possible. This is my first use of this software on this computer.


      Thanks so much.