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    CS3 and HD video


      So I have built the computer to edit HD video, tested  premier pro CS3 on windows

      using my SD camcorder to do some editing so I know its can work on windows7.


      I  wanted to see how CS3  would work with HD video (avchd)  from a canon camcorder which is likely what I will purchase.

      I called canon to see if they had any sample avchd files to download and test for editing, which they dont, but also told me

      that CS3  does not support avchd, which I thought it did.


      I dont want to spend the money to upgrade to CS4 after building the

      computer and buying the camera if I can avoid it, tjhis is just a hobby.



      They said to get a converter, voltaicHD  which when installed will act as a plugin for CS3 and allow the reading of avchd files converting them to MPEG-2 (yuc).


      Has anyone used this and been able to produce good quality video with its use?