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    media encoder messes up with green video and flashing frames


      I've had this issue on three different computers now.  I have Premier Pro CS4 with MP4 video in the timeline.  Nothing too intensive.  I export to Adobe Media Encoder with settings of H.264, 640x360, 30fps, square pixels, 3-6Mbps.


      When I do this about half way through the encoding process the video goes completely green (have preview turned on to detect the error) and AME slows WAY down.  Between long bouts of green video there are random flashes from frames shown earlier in the video.  I've encoded full HD H.264 video on this machine in the recent past, so there's nothing wrong with the computer.  Just like the other computers, something in the Adobe settings has gotten messed up.  I'm not sure which component translates the premier pro project file to something AME understands (Adobe Bridge?).  I tried a complete uninstall/re-install - no change.


      I had Adobe Audition 2.0 installed briefly on this machine, but that shouldn't have messed anything up, right(?)  I noticed that it installed Adobe Bridge, which would be a version much older than what shipped with CS4.  Audtion was removed before I did the re-install of CS4.  You would think that would repair Bridge to CS4.


      My other thought is that the Mainconcept video codec installation is messed up.  Does anyone know which files are involved and what date/time stamp I should look for to make sure I have all the correct versions?  How do I re-install just the mainconcept codecs?  There doesn't seem to be a straight forward way to do this in win7.


      There have been other sightings of this issue on creativecow.net forums, but no definitive help.  I now can't get my documentary rendered, so any help would be much welcomed.