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    cropping in premiere pro 2.0




      I'm having the hardest time taking a 1440x1080 video and cropping a 1024x768 sub-area and saving it with those dimensions. One problem I run into is that the crop effect is set to crop by percentage and I couldn't change it to crop by pixels. The help pages say that both are possible but after testing every button I could find and looking all over the internet, I still couldn't figure it out.


      Another issue is that assuming I can crop the video, how do I save it as 1024x768? When I initially open the project, should I set Desktop editing mode to 1024x768, resize the image after cropping, and save, or should I set Desktop editing mode to 1440x1080 and save as 1024x768?


      I've spent all day trying different things and haven't figured it out. I looked all over the adobe forum boards and FAQ pages but unfortunately there were no solutions for this issue that I could find. Any help would be very, very appreciated.