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    Pause/Play Movie Clips

    KelleyGee Level 1
      I posted this under another section but considered this to be a more appropriate area for this question:

      I have a master swf called index.swf.

      Index.swf has a main tool bar of buttons which load frames; each frame is named to coincide with the main bar button (i.e. genInfoBtn moves to frame: genInfo, setupBtn moves to frame: setup, etc). This works perfectly.

      Each frame has a sidebar which loads external swfs (i.e. click genInfoBtn, move to frame genInfo, this loads external genInfo.swf) - each external swf is made up of a series of Movie Clips which run in succession along the timeline; each Movie Clip belongs within its own frame (i.e. MCseg1 is in frame seg1; MCseg2 is in frame seg2, etc). I have not used extensive coding with this project as I am still an intermediate user of ActionScript and do not know how to use code to load the Movie Clips. The best I can do is what I have done here: I have created the Movie Clips and placed them in order on the time line using keypoints and frame names.

      I need to pause and play each individual Movie Clip at will; I have built two buttons (pauseBtn and playBtn) into a Movie Clip called MCpausePlay. The first frame of MCpausePlay contains the pauseBtn; this frame is coded with the global "stop();" Frame 2 is also coded this way.

      In order to move to frame(2) which contains the playBtn, the pauseBtn is coded with -

      on(release) {

      The playBtn is coded:

      on(release) {

      When clicked, the MCpausePlay moves from pause to play. That's all I have been able to get this to do.

      How do I code MCpausePlay to pause and then play each individual Movie Clip? (How do I get a Movie Clip to control other Movie Clips?). Should I code the Movie Clip, the frames within the Movie Clip, or each individual button within the Movie Clip? And, does this MCpausePlay belong on the Index.swf file, or should it be on each external swf? Or perhaps built in to every Movie Clip? I have tried all and have not had any success.