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    Take Twenty two

      Has anyone seen the nice transitions that are in Webshots ??? I find them quite excellent.


      Now the $64:00 question is it possible to use these transitions or at least create your own.


      Wishing every body expecially the guys who answer all of our questions a Happy and Creative 2010.


      Regards John


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You can create almost any transition you can imagine in Premiere Elements. Do you have an example of what you'd like to do?


          There are also plug-in sets that are designed for Premiere Pro that will usually also work in Premiere Elements. Burger Transitions are an example.


          I don't know anything about Webshots.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I've not seen the Webshots Transitions, but highly recommend Pixelan Spice and ProDAD Heroglyph. Each has highly customizable Transitions.


            Hollywood FX has plenty too, but I am not sure if they work with PrE. The older ones did work in PrPro, with some file extension modification, but think that this might have changed in CS4. Maybe Hollywood FX has a new version, that will work in CS4. Still do not know about PrE.


            New Blue has more Transitions and Effects, than ship with PrE. I'd also check them out.


            Also, with Keyframing and Effects, one can create almost anything that they want, as Steve says.


            Good luck,