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    Creating additional input areas as required

    donn44157260 Level 1

      Good Day;

      I have been asked to design a form using Livecycle that will replace an existing MS Word form. The form will be used to grant access to a total of 42 information systems.

      At first glance this did not seem to be a problem until I stated to design the layout. For the most part the form is more or less straight forward. Where I ran into design problems was with the best way to have the user fill in what systems they were requesting. A user could request anywhere from 1 to 42 of the information systems.

      The initial design had all 42 systems listed with option required. This, (I thought) was way to long.

      Example: These field are inside a table.

      System Name                     | Requested View    | Domain Requested

      AAAAA -AAAAAAAA    |  Select 1 or all of 5|  Select 1 or all of 3


      What I would like to do is create this part of the form as a “as required”. The way I envision this working is to have a dropdown for the first system and then the user can request request another entry (using a button etc..), a blank row would come up and from a drop down they would be able to pick the system name and then be able to select the Request View and Domain Requested. I hope I have explained this well enough

      Does anyone know if this is possible?