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    Help! Installation of Windows 7 Pro 64-bit fails...


      I am trying to install Windows 7 Pro 64-bit on my new video system:

      - I boot the PC with the install CD inserted

      - I get

          . the installation screen

          . accept licence agreement

          . select on which disk I want to install windows

          . the copy to disk finishes

          . the next step is to reboot my system so that windows continues the install from disk.

         . however after the reboot, just after the systems POST, I just get a black screen and nothing happens.


      I already removed all other disks and removed the raid card :

         So only the...

             - motherboard Asus P6T SE

             - CPU : Intel quad core 950 3.2Mhz

             - Corsair 12 GB

             - single WD 160GB disk ( for windows )

             - LG DVD player

             - Corsair PSU

             - ps2 keyboard

             - ps2 mouse

        ... remains attached


      What is also strange is that there is no F6 during the install of Windows XP. Previously you could press F6 for additional drivers.

      Now you can not.  I tried to press F6 a couple of times but no additional options came on the screen.


      I also allready preformated the disk : single partition and NTFS preformated with default 4kb cluster size.


      Anybody an idea?