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    ExtendScript Toolkit problems


      I'm getting started with scripting using InDesign CS3, v 5.0.4. I seem to be stuck at "go" for a variety of reasons and would appreciate some help.


      My issues:


      1. After installing (or reinstalling) InDesign, I find there's no Scripting Support folder anywhere on my PC (XP SP3, by the way). I understand this should be the location for the type libraries.


      2. When I launch the ExtendScript Tookit, the process starts (I can confirm this in Task Manager), but the GUI does not appear. Well, that's not quite true; sometimes it shows up 20-30 minutes later. This is a work computer and there's a Novell client installed on the machine. I find that the ExtendScript launch problem goes away if I uninstall the Novell client. Anyone have insight on any part of this?


      Thanks in advance ...