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    Continuing my learning of Flash


      I have been taking classes at a California community college to learn Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Flash.  The classes have been excellent, however the next levels are not being offered due to state financial problems.


      I want to go farther with Flash and Actionscript 3.0.  I've went thru the entire CS4 Flash video's at Lynda.com and have been disappointed as too many assumptions that the watcher understands what is being taught so many details are left out.  I would spend to much time googling to figure out the left out details.


      I am working my way through "Flash CS4 The Missing Manual" and find that I learn better with videos.


      Wondering where to turn next for learning Flash.


      I have received emails from www.learnwebdevelopment.com and www.learnflash.com


      Can anyone recommend learning from their videos?


      Many thanks in advance,