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    Creating a custom component in Flash for Flex 3


      I want to create a custom component (a slider-like gauge) that I can use in Flex 3.  I understand that I can develop a component with it's own unique properties in Flash and with the Flex Component Kit installed in Flash I can create the SWC file for the component to use in Flex.  I have created a component in Flash by inserting a Symbol as a Movie Clip and associated an Actionscript class with it to draw the component and add the methods for accessing it's properties.  When I use the component in Flex 3 after publishing it from Flash the graphic does NOT show up but the properties are available in Flex and I can write MXML and Actionscript to call the methods on the component.


      I have two questions but first note that I know very little about FLASH:


      1) Where can I find a good tutorial on how to do this? I have searched the web and have not found one. There are examples of creating components but they lack the examples of showing how to draw the component and create the actionscript to customize the component.


      2) Why is my object not showing up that the Actionscript is drawing. This is probably a difficult question to answer without seeing what I'm doing but am I going about this correctly or is there a completly different approach I should be taking?  Perhaps it's a "layering" problem where I'm writing to the wrong layer or something and it's not showing up.