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    Fatal Error during blu-ray burning with PE 7.0


      I have posted before but the problem still has not been resolved and I haven't had the patience to try Adobe support either.  I have been trying since September to burn a blu-ray disc.  I have 41 chapter that is just over 2 hours long of avhcd footage.  I have already edited all the footage and saved each chapter as a new file (long troublesome process, but complete).  Now I have a new project consisting of the 41 chapters just over 2 hours long.  I have tried probably 75 times to burn to blu-ray with no success.  I have had several errors, but the most consistent error is the "FATAL ERROR" message.  That comes at the end of the 12-13 hour "encoding" process right before it burns to the blu-ray.  I have sucessfully used the blu-ray burner before to make shorter videos, and even have had success burning a blu-ray with a menu.  To make it easier, I have even tried to have an "autoplay" blu-ray with no menu (even though I would like to have one).  Has anyone had success burning a full 2 hour disc at a full 24.00 mbps quality h264/1920/1080i NTSC dolby before?  Surely I cannot be the only one having this problem.  I have not tried to do the 3gb ram yet because the last time I called adobe support they had me change my virtual memory and I ended up with the BSOD.  I have a low-end quad core, 512 video card, 4 gb ram, LG BD burner, and 1 Tb HDD with 300 or so Gb free space XP pro.  How can I get past the Fatal error?  This is so frustrating...