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    Windows 7 64bit should I upgrade?




      I am running PP CS3, Windows XP Pro 32 bit, on a Dell 490 with a dual core 3Ghz xeon CPU, 4 GB RAM, RAID 0 HDD (2 drives) for Capture files, NVidia Quarto 3500 graphics card.

      I am running Windows 7 32bit on a old Sony notebook for a little while and I wanted to upgrade my Dell to 64bit computing. My question should I make the jump or stay with Windows XP. I wanted to upgrade for these reasons....


      1) To take advantage of the extra 1GB of RAM.

      2) Windows 7 is supposed to run the CPUs more efficient.

      3) Windows 7 is also supposed to not turn on services I don't use.


      Right now I have just about every service in Windows XP manually turned off. I do not connect to the internet with this computer so I do not have to install any Antivirus software to slow things down. This is a pain. If it is not going to run any better then I will stay where I am.