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    Reader will not open website and e-mail links

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      I have Reader 9.2.0 running on a Lenovo ThinkCentre desktop with dual-core Intel processor and Vista Business. When I load a PDF file that contains links to web pages and e-mail addresses, they do appear in the document and the mouse cursor changes to a hand when I place it on the link. However, wnen I click on a link nothing happens. This seems to be something that has occurred suddenly since it used to work properly previously. When I take the same PDF file and open it in Reader 9.2.0 running on my IBM Thinkpad laptop with Win XP Pro the links work properly and the linked web page opens or my e-mail editor (Outlook 2003) opens.


      Does anyonje have any idea what is causing this problem and how I might resolve it? I have already removed REader 9.2.0 and reinstalled it but nothing changed. Any help would be much appreciated



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          I have continued to research this problem on my own. I removed Reader 9.2.0. from my computer. I then installed Reader 8.1.3 plus its updates and ended up with Reader 8.1.7. Using Reader 8.1.7. I can open the website and e-mail links in the same PDF files that I was unable to open when I used Reader 9.2.0. I then downloaded Reader 9.2.0 again. As part of its installation it removed Reader 8.1.7. Now using Reader 9.2.0, I am again unable to open website and e-mail links in PDF files.


          This tells me that the problem is in Reader 9.2.0 and not in Vista. One obvious solution to the problem is to again remove Reader 9.2.0 and re-install Reader 8.1.7. However does anyone have any idea how Reader 9.2.0 can be made to work properly?



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            Hi irablum1, I have been having the EXACT same problem; I was going to delete 9.2 then reinstall it but ran out of time as I had already spent an hour on this and was getting very frustrated.  Like you said, everything worked fine, it seems, until I upgraded to 9.2.  I've seen other people that have questions on this exact same issue also, as I was beginning to think it was my computer and/or a Windows Vista problem.


            At one point, I was able to open up my PDF files in Internet Explorer 8, and then everything worked like it used to.  I would click on the pointed finger for "Allow," and it would take me straight to the website the author was providing the link for, but now even that doesn't work.  The one reason I didn't do what you did was I was afraid the same problem would still be there after I uninstalled 9.2, and now I know had I did what you did, I would have not solved the problem.


            I just now sent an email to the author of one of the ebooks I've been trying to read and to see if he can shed some light on why his PDF will not let the pointed finger and/or "Allow" button to work.  To me, it HAS to have something to do with the people that have written the ebook, as I've done nothing different on my end other than update to 9.2.


            I also would like to downgrade to the 8 version, but when I started to do that, something came up on my screen that lead me to believe I wouldn't be able to download once I already had 9.2 installed.  I strongly feel given I have so many ebooks that that is why it won't let you download as all my ebooks have somehow been enabled to only open with 9.2 now, or some part of the download is not able to be completely deleted during the download process.


            I will let you know if I find the answer, but unfortunately, these companies don't realize we have other things to do every day other than spend hours and hours trying to fix a glitch that is probably not something we can fix on our own.  It has to be something in Adobe Reader that must somehow have a "loophole" in it that is not visible when they created the new upgrade.


            Thanks for your note as I don't feel quite so hopeless now that I know for sure other people are having the same problem.

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              Hi corinne046,


              Thanks for your message.


              After realizing that I would be unable to have both Version 8 and Version 9

              of Reader on my computer, I remembered that I had seen a free PDF Reader

              listed in PC Pitstop's list of the best freeware. I looked it up and it is

              called Foxit Reader. You can find it at

              http://www.foxitsoftware.com/pdf/reader/. I was able to install it while

              Adobe Reader 9 was installed with no problem. Now I can use both. I can have

              them both open at the same time and even have the same PDF file open in

              both. You do have to decide which one you want to be the default PDF reader.

              With Foxit Reader all the e-mail links and web page links in my PDF files

              seem to work properly. I suggest that you try Foxit Reader and see if it

              helps you.


              I find it very frustrating that Adobe provides no support of any kind for

              Reader. They are almost worse than Microsoft. I looked extensively on the

              Adobe website to see how I could send them a message at least make them

              aware of this problem but was unable to find one. If you know how to do this

              please let me know.



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                Thank you so much, and no, I couldn't

                find an address for Adobe either.  For a

                big company of any kind, I find it very

                frustrating and unprofessional to not

                provide an email for support.


                I know it would probably take a lot of

                people to answer all the emails, but

                if they would make products that

                worked without any problems, then

                we wouldn't have to send them an

                email, right. 


                So it's their own fault that there are

                so many problems and they have

                the nerve to choose to not provide

                any kind of support, especially on

                an issue like this, that millions of

                people are affected by.


                I will most certainly let you know if I

                find an answer, and thank you for

                letting me know about FoxIt.  I will

                try it as I'm on here too much as it

                is, so wasting time trying to fix a

                problem is not fair to us, the




                Corinne Larimore