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    Virus warning for our flash site

    Rabel Level 1

      Hey Guys,

      Early this week we got a warning when going to our company website saying


      JS/TrojanDownloader.Agent.NRL trojan


      There hasnt been any changes made to the site in a long time and we have never seen this before, any ideas what could be going on. When I did a quick search I saw that this virus had to deal with something called flashchat, but i am not using this and had never heard of it before that. Could i have similar coding that is getting flagged or something.


      The site is located at


      and is only getting that warning on one computer, but I want to make sure that other users are not getting this too. If anybody has a chance please go to the site and see if you are prompted with any warnings.


      I really apprieciate the help.