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    Emailing A File


      I have to send a PDF of the map I am working on to a customer.

      Not for printing on a press, just to look at.

      Sometimes when people send me PDF's they have been able to

      make them a small file and email it to me and they are easy to read.

      I can't seem to make my Illustrator PDF small enough to email.

      Also I want the PDF fixed so they can't edit it.

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          hrfrerich Level 1

          What version of Illustrator do you have? I have CS4


          When i save to pdf a pop-up box prompts me with pdf options.


          - set "Adobe PDF preset" to "smallest file size"

          - uncheck "preserve illustrator editing capabilities"

          - adjust compression settings in the "compression" tab

          - go to the "security" tab and check "use password to restrict editing"

          - here you can set more options like what they can copy (if anything) and printing resolution

          - save


          this will save a perfect scalable reproduction of your work, and i dont think they will be able to edit it (could be wrong)


          If you dont get the diolouge box in illustrator when saving (or for ultimate protection):


          - select all artwork

          - object menu > rasterize

          - adjust resolution for desired quality

          - your artwork is now a pixel image (dont save it as your illustrator file!)

          - save as pdf file (with restrictions if you want)


          If all else fails, you can open the pdf in acrobat and add security though "advanced" > "security" and reduce file size through "document" > reduce file size"


          To check how hard your artwork is to modify:


          - use a screenshot of the pdf or open the pdf in illustrator

          - see if you can move anything, if yes you use the rasterization method

          - use live-trace if it's a pixel image

          has damage been done using live trace? if your disgn is simple enough to live-trace from a pixelated image there is no hope for true security.