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    A dream right now, but might as well plan ahead

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      I want to be able to edit material from a particular HD camera


      This one:   http://www.red.com/cameras/


      They used to just be compatible with Final Cut, and proprietary stuff, but now they have got something for Premiere CS4 and I like that idea a lot.


      I don't know anything about HD but I want to be able to edit that eventually, and also to burn what I edit to disk.


      The minimum requirements to use the Red camera software with Premiere pro CS4 is this:

      And there are issues...


      What do you think I need to do this without just having the bare minimum, but a enough to edit quickly with no problems ??


      Thanks.... I have no monitors or anything right now...not even an HD TV....  So I would need everything....




      • 3.0 GHz Quad core system with 8GB RAM


      • Hard drive with 40MB/sec sustained throughput is required; RAID striped array recommended


      • Windows Vista 64 Service Pack 1 or Mac OS 10.5


      • Premiere Pro 4.1 / After Effects 9.0.2


      • REDCODE Installer 1.7


      Known Issues – Adobe Premiere Pro


      • When importing RED R3D footage using Import Folder in Premiere Pro, be aware that QuickTime Reference files are not supported in Premiere and will cause an import failure on Vista. If this happens, the import progress dialog will appear frozen. Minimize Premiere, and find the error dialog so you can cancel to skip these unsupported files, then the source footage should finish importing correctly.


      • Titles created at one sequence setting resolution are not automatically rescaled when the contents of a sequence are copied into a higher resolution sequence for final output. These will have to be resized in the higher resolution sequence.


      • The preview codec for all RED sequence presets is MPEG I-Frame, which is limited to 1920 * 1080 resolution sequence settings. It cannot be used to render timeline previews for 2K and higher resolutions.


      • Premiere becomes unresponsive if you attempt to access the RED R3D Settings dialog while audio is conforming in the background. Please wait until audio conforming is complete. Conforming progress is visible in the Status bar at the bottom of the application window.