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    unresponsive direct selection tool with anchor points

    Jzarracina Level 1

      Ok , so i have come to this problem frequently and want to know if it's just me or it happens to other users.


      My problem goes like this:

      I'm drawing a path, them I switch to the direct selection tool (the white arrow), select an anchor point and drag to move it.

      Usually the tool moves the anchor point, BUT it's happens to me frequently that the tool doesn't move the point in the first tries by no apparent reason,


      I need to try several times- sometimes I need to change to a closer view, preview mode- or deselect and select again, until I'm able to move the point.

      (yes, i wait till i see the white cursor). I can't see why it happens, the tools seems to work well and suddenly it stop dragging for a couple of tries.


      This seem to happen more frequently when I have "snap to point" option active, when i do it fast or when i have lot of paths and layers.

      Any ideas of what i'm doing wrong?.

      I never had that kind of problems with Freehand and is frustrating.