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    Premiere crashes when opening project


      I have just installed PE8 and once I try to create a project or get to the editing screen, it crashes.  It does not allow time to do any type of productive work, and I fear there may be something wrong with how my system is interacting with PE8.


      Using Windows XP (Media Center Edition) SP3 on HP Pavilion Dual Core processor 2.61 GHz and 2 GB RAM

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Have you ensured that your operating system is up to date? Go to Windows Update and click Custom to get all of the non-critical updates. Also go to the Apple web site and get the latest version of Quicktime and go to the nVidia or ATI web site and get the latest firmware for your video card.


          You also don't say how much free space is on your hard drive, but you will need at least 30 gigs of free and freshly defragmented space on your hard drive in order to successfully run this program. You might also want to increase your RAM load to 4 gigabytes.


          I'm assuming that, since you say the crash is occurring before you can even launch the program that your source video is not likely a cause. But, if your crash is occurring at the editing stage rather than when you're first launching the program, it could well be a problem with your source video.


          Finally, have a look at the FAQs to the right of the forum. You might want to check out my article on successfully using version 8.


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            Thanks austin.45 for expressing exactly the experience I have when trying to open my newly-installed PE8.  I am on a similar system: XP SP2, 2.66 GHz processor, 130 GB HD, 512 MB RAM (yes, not very much, but the PE8 ReadMe says it's enough for editing standard-definition video on a WinXP machine). Steve, I'll try your ideas, but I am posting here to register that austin.45 is not the only one.  Also, if I need 4GB of RAM, then there is a bug in PE8!

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              If I read correctly, you only have a single HDD. Is that correct? How much defragmented free space do you have on that HDD? The recommended is 30GB minimum, but I lean more towards 50GB.


              Also, general editing will be greatly enhanced with at least one more physical HDD, and will improve yet again with a total of 3 physical HDD's. This is only an FYI, and is not related to your problem, or to Austin45's.


              Good luck,



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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                When a program, or a system, crashes, there is very often a breadcrumb trail of error and warning messages in Event Viewer. This ARTICLE will give you some tips on finding "clues," as to what is happening at the time of the crash.


                Good luck, and let us know about the errors you find - be sure to follow all links in those messages, as they might even point you directly to the problem.



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  This ARTICLE will also give you tips on setting up your computer for NLE work.


                  Good luck,



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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    Ryan, it's a bit risky to assume your problem is exactly the same as another posters -- even if the symptoms are the same.


                    For instance, your RAM load isn't remotely enough for basic video editing with Premiere Elements 8, no matter what the ReadMe file says. I would not even attempt to run this very hefty program with less than 2 gigs of RAM, and would recommend a full load of 4 gigs.


                    I would also not recommend trying to run Premiere Elements 8 with less than a dual-core processor. Unlike with previous versions of the software, version 8 requires at least a dual-core processor to run with any stability, and even then it needs to be streamlined per my earlier post.

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                      austin.45 Level 1

                      It's working now!

                      I would like to thank both of you for your help, and Ryan, I hope you get your problem resolved.


                      I followed the steps Steve gave me (in the 1st paragraph) and PE8 is now working fine.  I updated everything at the same time so I can't say for sure what the exact thing was that fixed the problem.  It will still crash or freeze occasionaly, but I kind of expect that since I don't have a hugely powerful computer.


                      Ryan, the first thing you should do is to update your computer as Steve said, and I agree that half a gig of RAM is probably not enough for this.  I've used Pinnacle Studios before, and this is by far a heavier program.


                      Thank you all, I will have a wonderful time editing thanks to you guys.



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                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                        Great news! That Steve is a golden asset in this forum!


                        Thanks for reporting, and good luck,