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    Premiere Pro CS4 4.2.1 Halts rendering whatever I ask!


      Hi there.


      Finally I decided to post this.


      I have been tracking in internet this situation for months... since PPro CS4 got out, I have been testing and working with it. However, I cannot say I prefer CS4 to other opponents (even one  or two Linux apps oddly).  The thing is when an app makes us spectate, we should have results! I cannot go back to previous releases of PPro because I need that queue in AME. So, let me beggin to explain the error:


      The application (Premiere Pro CS4 or Adobe Media Encoder [AME]) halts forever when rendering video (a code loop? while "something"="some thing" then do "render frame again"?). So, happening the error in two aplications that use a bunch of files, I must say it is something used by booth like, my guess, PProHeadless. Moreover, the video it might have a filter or not, an opacity key, might be in a diferent format and created within adobe realm, or even outside like Fusion or Combustion, it can stop. And I say can because I am making tests these holy days to reach a conclusion: it's random. It might ocour in frame 150, or in 20 000, with some kind of format video or a filter or everything "as nature as" a PPro captured avi.

      Graphics? Updated as today means. Windows? Up to date also! Adobe Premiere Pro? same thing as you already noticed.

      This halt is documented by a png file atached to this post. With taskmanager also. That halt is typical. I am in windows 7 64bits, but also have winxp 64bits that produces the same error. The program can only be terminated by process kill and that sort of things.


      As I have searched thoughout the internet, I have only seen a post in creative cows that appears similar to this. No luke for a solution yet. When update 4.2.0 came and I had an enormouse reliefe, thiinking it would "heal" the program... no good. I have not been able to respect some deadlines with clients. I will shift if necessary! At least the minimum would be an error ex spit by the program... nothing never came out. I'm blind and adobe might be also. All programs I've try to develop had error mannagement. CS4 release was something apparatuouse but could had wait for a 4.1.0 update in Premiere for instance...  I am really tempted for a mac! At least I know what should I buy to make a program run in there... just a mac!


      As I see, no software seems to be the problem. It's a fresh install of windows 7 and PPro CS4. Nothing else installed in the system but flash, vlc, acrobat reader MSN live, calim av, proDVD mercalli

      Hardware bug or incopatability?

      So... my specs if this helps:


      Processor:     AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3500+ 2.21 GHz

      Ram:             5,00 GB 667Mhz

      OS:               Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Operating System

      Graphic board: NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE


      MB:               Asus M2N-E with Serial 3Gb/s RAID

      Disks:            1 SATA for OS.     SATA Disks for footage and project storage 7000 rotations all I think


      I believe everything is Adobe PPro supported... so... where the hell is the problem?


      Thanks in advance!

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          NunoRibeiro_84 Level 1

          Forgot to mention one more HW spec: Hauppauge WinTV-Go installed but no drivers in win7 yet. (looking for bt848 for win 7)

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            NunoRibeiro_84 Level 1

            I have done all the troubleshooting I found (obviously). This one in particular http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/408/kb408983.html . I am now testim DIM slots and graphic board (howhever, I don't have a better card to stick in).


            Also... (don't know but might have something to do...)

            My playback is also somewath jerky. If I see the video in full aplication (ç -key) I have a steady fluid palyback with 80 - 90% of processor, with default workspace it's 100%. From some little experience I have coding applications to playback video (and camera also) I can get 3 to 4 streams playing at same time with this setup (even some few files mixed to live cam inputs), of course, the aim was just to play them.


            You don't know how I wanted to run a debug from source code to understand more of this errror.... hard to understand this way.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I'm a bit confused. Earlier, you mention a "captured AVI," and then the Hauppage TV capture card. Is the offending footage DV-AVI Type II, Captured in PrPro from a miniDV tape camera, connected via FireWire, or is it TV footage captured via the Hauppage?


              Please let us know and good luck,



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                NunoRibeiro_84 Level 1

                I never capture through that card. Nor I think that as professional.


                I allways and ONLY capture video through my firewire XL2 camcorder in Premiere Pro. However, as I mentioned earlyer, there isn't a specific type of "ofending" video. And that's what bothers me. I cannot replicate the error. It seams just random. I don't know how can I be of more help to you understand this.


                Thanks for the attention!

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                  NunoRibeiro_84 Level 1



                  I have been these days arround this issue. Done many troubleshooting... trying to understand problems. Here is what I got:


                  Getting the hauppauge board off the PC seems to have stopped the "halt" of the encoders and renderings in Premiere and AME. Hope it won't happen again, but, It's kind an exclusion game... What was diferent from the setups I have seen in many forums and posts was this ancient board. Adobe shoulde analyse this one against Premiere CS4 and AME: Hauppauge WinTV-Go bt848 conexant board (or it's a lost of time... as it's not supported anymore in Windows, but is in Linux :] ).


                  As for the playback... a fine tune for performance options of my graphic board was able to reduce the jerkiness of video... so I had the idea to also overclock both processor and graphics. The result is this:

                  Before: Processing of video with the timeline in view (default workspace) was allways 100%, skipping so many frames that even entire clips coundln't send a sigle frame. Where only the output frame (ç shortcut) playback was almost aceptable, with processing at 100% and some times going leaving a tiny space for other things to process.... The fine tune of graphics board, was able to get in default workspace the insertion of may more frames in there, and with ç shortcut - output full mode, it was 95-100 spiking frequently between them.

                  Now: Default workspace: 80% processing... Output frame: 60-70% My pc is now in test to seach for the optimal (aceptable) overclock parameters. And it seems I can overclock even more (not in graphics but the processor).

                  This is good and aceptable for the computer setup...

                  However, to everyone reading this, please be very carfull at how you overclock. Be shure you read everything you can find (from reliable sources - your hardware suppliers, as for the processor, the mother board, the graphic board... etc..). If you mess something, better you have the money to replace :].


                  Thanks for everyting

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Though for the i7 and not the AMD here, Harm Millaard has an "over-clocking guide" in this ARTICLE.


                    Good luck to all,



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                      NunoRibeiro_84 Level 1

                      Anyway, every system being overclock has the same concepts about analising it's results... and I have read the first couple sections only and saw I will learn more by reading it.


                      THanks of this link! really good

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                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                        One warning: Take your time and check before the next step.


                        I hope you find it useful.

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                          NunoRibeiro_84 Level 1

                          I have some knowlodge about overclocking, wich I have used to make the overclock i talk about in the post above. My AMD Athalon was a 2.2Gh now is 2.65hz, and graphics from 20% over clocked... for instance. And it made a completly diferent performance from the "defaut" CPU. I look forward to read and follow your post for even more overcock.

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                            Bisa Goma Level 2

                            Try and change your graphics card too. It is way too old and too small for editing. Invest in a good card and you will get a clean machine to work with

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                              NunoRibeiro_84 Level 1

                              Yes, defenatly an issue to be solved. I am buying a new one. Adobe says only a 1,280x900 display with OpenGL 2.0–compatible graphics card is needed. However, I do have on of these. I have 2.6Ghz oc Athalon 3000+ in 64bit OS system. I have a 7200 dedicated SATA disk for all PPro files footage and project. Well... I have what is needed, but not good enough. I'm buying  ASUS Radeon HD 5770 V2 - 1 GB GDDR5 - PCI-Express 2.0 (EAH5770/2DIS/1GD5/V2) graphics OpenGL3.1 . New processor is in priority list now. But the minimum requirement do not entirely match a good performance.

                              Now, the crash doesn't happen as often as it used to, but no WinTV GO issue there (by exclusion). Perhaps just a peformance issue? Responsiveness of system I guess... Last app crash made the project I was trying to render not be able to play anymore.I hit play and it goes back to stop in half a second. Also, the app when I ask to exit sends an error report (goooood thing), however I'm no technician at that level (about the crash report details). My OC is stable, not an issue there, thus, memory RAM is being further tested next hours. Before testing RAM liability, I tested opening a new project. Works fine! But that previews files on last project are not working. Strange things happening :]

                              I hope Adobe developes furher more all this AME and rendering out of the Premiere. Seams it brought some heavy issues to be solved. It's compreehensive I know. But investement must be made to solve it as fast as possible. And is a good path to render outside the app, but bugs to be corrected still persist.

                              What about render farms? Linux processors in the aid? heh (for those of you thinking, well I have a good machine, I don't need... think about actual After Effects heay compositing in top of premiere to render. Is there already good solutions? Like render man in linux for maya and eyeon fusion (also linux) for instance?

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                                Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                Try running my Premiere Pro Benchmark PPBM4.  It is a good Premiere hardware diagnostic tool to see how your system is configured and tuned. Send me the results and I will attempt to see if your system can effectively process video on your system. You will see results from 40+ people and the test results that have been submitted testing their systems with CS4