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    RTL & Mirroring - development kickstart




      The question is primarly for admins of flex sdk.


      We consider developing flex application to the middle eastern market. From what we've learned Flex 4 RTL (hebrew, arabic, persian etc.) is good but there is lack of mirroring support in components (see Mirroring and bidirectional text). In most components the mirroring can be made by hand using textAlign='right' and horizontalAlign='right', reversing the order of data grid columns etc. The only component that we've stumbled upon is Form and its child elements FormItem and FormHeading.


      We've managed to create custom subcomponents RTLForm, RTLFormItem and RTLFormHeading that provide the desired functionality (see the attached pics). But we don't like the solution for the following reasons:

      1. Form and FormItem weren't meant for subclassing so we were forced to duplicate tons of code (vertical positioning etc)

      2. We want to share the code with others and make it part of flex SDK.

      3. We want to use regular Form component and only specify: direction='rtl' and all FormItems and FormHeadings would layout in mirrored way.


      So basically we want to modify Form, FormItem and FormHeading components to provide RTL mirroring and commit the changes.


      1. Would you accept such change?

      2. How do we get started (i.e who will be our POC for design considerations , what is the process of submitting a patch, tests etc.)



      After adding mirroring support to Form container we wish to continue with other components (like DataGrid etc.)