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    CS4 Exporting and Importing Problems


      Hey all,


      I joined this forum specifically so I could ask this question.  I have been looking all around and can not find the answer.


      I have a Canon Vixia HF S10, with internal 32 gb memory, and am trying to import directly into Premiere Pro.  Now, I have the media browser set up to AVCHD, and the icon next to the files is that filmstrip and speaker, showing that it knows it's video.  However, when I try to drag it in, it acts like it's importing, and then pops up an error stating that the "Format is not supported".  Now it says on Adobe that it IS supported, and I can import it elsewhere.  I've tried re-installing it, using Clean Script, and nothing works!  I've also updated it every time I've installed it, though I've tried without updating as well.


      My other question is this: I want to export a project as a .dv or DV stream, and I cannot find an option for it.  Simple as that.  It also says that exporting as .dv is supported in CS4.  What's the problem?  Is there something I need to download for either of them?


      I'm running it on a Mac, on Leopard.


      Thanks a lot,