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    problem in file uploading?

    435.mahesh Level 1


      I have an problem with while uploading a empty file.After i am selecting the file i have got

      the error like    " File IOError".I have used try catch block,but i unable to remove the error.

      How to remove that?


      I have one more problem is

      Actually my requirement is I have Upload button in cell of datagrid.When i clicked on upload button

      u will get file selection window.Now i selected file and it will be added to cell(file1).After that i have selected

      one more file and it will be added to same cell(file2 below the file1).Here i dont want to allow the duplicate file names in that cell.

      How to solve this problem?









      D.Mahesh Babu

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          Sebastien V. Level 3



          For the name, you can check the uploaded file name with the FileReference name property, once the file selection has been made.


          For the IOError, I think you should handle it with an event listener on the FileReference, for the IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR event, and no try/catch block.