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    Renaming Video Files with Adobe Premire


      I am running Adobe Premiere  Pro CS4.


      I have 4 16GB cards full of Raw Data that I have been playing around with to get the hang of editing, thats going well but now I'd like to store my RAW video files (the ones I plan to keep for later) on my storage drive and back up drives. I want to rename all my video files from the standard 00001.MTS that my camera stores them as. The only thumbnail I have to go by in Adobe Bridge is the grey EN symbol. The only way it seems I can see a preview of the file to figure out what 00004.MTS contain to rename it is to open it in Premiere, however when I rename it in the project pannel it is just a program specific rename and does not actually rename it on my hard drive.


      What is the best method for seeing what is on a file and renaming it. I thought Bridge would be useful for this, but I can't seem to get a video preview or a thumb nail to go off of.


      Running Windows XP

      Shooting with a Cannon HFS100 in AVCHD


      Stuart Rymer