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    help with tables please


      Hi, i was wondering

      if anyone could help me, I'am making a catalogue and in illustrator and I'm importing text from word which also has tables in it. I can't seem to be able to alter the tables in any way.

      also if anyone has any tips for a faster workflow (using the text tools) please let me know.



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          John Danek Level 4

          You'll have better luck using InDesign.  There may be a few workarounds in Illustrator, but you'll probably have to go back to Word and export or print the file(s) to PDF and try opening the PDF in Illustrator...something like that.  It's more than likely going to be a manual operation and may even require you to rebuild the table(s) in either Illustrator or InDesign.

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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

            John is absolutely correct this is not a project that should be done in Illustrator, you will  lot hppier with ID and the features it has for creating table of contents and indexes will come in handy at sometime as well.


            This will be one difficult project to do in Illustrator and even if you can manage in Illustrator we will less likely to be able to help you with any problems you might encounter and the ID folks will have a million ways to solve any one difficulty you get into.

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              iamtigerlily2 Level 1

              thanks for the reply, I'm already half way through the project though, I was shown a way to do it a while ago. but i think i may have got the order things mixed up somewhere. what i'm doing is copy pasting my page from a pdf (for the table size and outline)  releasing the clipping masks. then deleteing the orginal text. opening a word doc for my spanish translation. then re-typing the words into the original box. but i keep losing some of the dividers in the tables? any advice ?

              I think that next time i will start this in Indesign!

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                Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                The dividers are just losing their stroke color they are still there and you can just select them and give them a stroke of the weight you want.


                You can also make something from a rectangle path. Then go to Object split into grid with  no gutters for the outlined cells than do a rectangle and place it on top and split that into a grid as well but with gutters and then convert those paths to text frames.

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                  iamtigerlily2 Level 1