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    LR_exportFiltersFromThisPlugin working?


      Hi all,


      Has anyone had any success using this? I can't quite seem to get it going.


      I want to check that a specific filter is being used, and according to the docs this should list the IDs and order of filters:


      Table with a key that is the ID of each enabled filter, and a corresponding value that is the index of that filter in the overall filter stack. For example:



      However, when I try this I get a nil result. I've also enumerated the entire table and get this:


              log:trace("My Filter : " .. (propertyTable.LR_exportFiltersFromThisPlugin.ScaleForPD or "(nil)") )
              for fName,fIndex in pairs(propertyTable.LR_exportFiltersFromThisPlugin) do
                  log:trace("Filter '" .. fName .. "'," .. fIndex)



      01/01/2010 19:13:15 TRACE    ScaleForPD : (nil)

      01/01/2010 19:13:15 TRACE    Filter '',1


      There's an entry to be sure, but it's not named. The filter is declared in Info.lua, works correctly and has "id = 'ScaleForPD'," in the LrExportFilterProvider definition.


      Any suggestions welcome. This is in 2.4 through 2.6 and 3.0 .