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    How to copy bones/armature to new movieclip

    Kerri Pero

      I am working on a character that I will animate with bones. I painted the parts (left them as vector shapes), kept them all separate from each other on different layers and not touching. Added bones to each part. Flash made the armature layers each time. This is all inside a movie clip.


      I now want to copy and paste each part with bones/armature into a new movie clip so I can make mini animations, like a walk cycle, for example with out having to keep redoing all of my work. Somehow - I did this once.


      I selected, copied, switched into the empty movieclip pasted it and there is was - armature layer, bones with object. All there. Moves fine When I tried to do it with the next part on a new layer, it just copied the vector shape with no bones. It is making me crazy. How do I copy and paste or duplicate an armature? I did it once, so I can be done.... I just can't figure out what I did! Please help!


      I included screen shots of the parts and the new movie clip - the body went with the bones (automatically made an armature layer when pasting) the leg did not.