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    How to make life difficult!

    deakant Level 1

      Hi all,

      I created two projects using Premiere Pro CS3. When really I should of done it all in one project. The 1st was still colour photos with music and the 2nd with the same photos but in B&W, and with different music.

      I had to run  both projects through Encore CS3 to make 1 DVD. But then I realised, WHY, oh Why did I create 2 seperate projects to go on the same DVD?

      So clever me thought I'll copy and paste project 2 into project 1 in Premiere, so I copied and pasted the 2nd project into the 1st project. (felt well smug) until I realised the transitions where not copied over. The music files were, I could see them in the Audio time line, but no sound came out at all.




      So I had to redo the whole 2nd project again in the same file as project 1. BIG BIG lesson learnt. Take no shortcuts.


      But I am curious, is their anyway of copying one project into another without losing the transistins, audio sound, keyframes and motion etc?


      Thank you