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    Database question


      I want to make a form that adds you to a mailing list. I want to export the mailing list to a excel file. Does flex databases support this or is this something i would have to do with php/sql?  I have seen many examples with php/sql but was wondering if its possible to do it all inside of flex?

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          Flex doesn't have databases, it communicates with them, the most common way is through php, when you say you want excel export is that a must as excel supports the xml format which is something that flex can handle very well.


          The more 'normal' option would be is a server side mysql database that gets an email address added to it by the flex application(php insert function), flex could then call a php function to export the database email info to an excel spreadsheet.




          [edit] you can actually use php to read and write excel spreadsheets so you don't really need a database.