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    premiere freezes when shuttling left in multi-camera window

    ZachRosing Level 1

      Ever since I upgraded to CS4, if I shuttle left (press J) while stopped inside the Multi-Camera window, Premiere will freeze. Sometimes its 3-5 seconds, sometimes its for good. While the interface doesn't completely lock up (I can click on things), if I try to stop and re-play something using the mouse, there will continue to be a delay. If I shuttle left while playing inside Multi-Camera, however, it works fine. I do not encounter this type of freezing anywhere else in the software (if I shuttle left from the actual timeline, not Multi-Camera, its fine).


      I'm using CS4 on the Mac. This never happened in CS3. Because of the annoying behavior of Multi-Camera, if I do live switching, making an edit mark when I stop playing, I have to constantly start and stop when making my edits, so this rewind behavior is EXTREMELY annoying. And because I do 90% of my work inside Multi-Camera, I can't escape the problem.


      Is this happening to anyone else?? Any suggestions?