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    Monitor Panel Help?


      I got Adobe Premiere Elements 8 (along with Photoshop Elements 8) for Christmas this year. I downloaded it to my Hp dv5-1233se Notebook, and after importing some video footage, this is what I got...



      If you can't see the image (but I'm guessing you probably can), the image becomes blue and purple, as well as fuzzy and low quality, etc. This makes it really hard to edit, when you can barely see what you're editing. But the strange thing is, when I go to move the video around, like so, it returns to normal, like this (see image below). When I unselect the video footage, it returns to it's previous blurry state.




      I was able to temporarily fix this by updating my Vista through Windows Update, but it unfortunately came back today. I've searched these forums, where I haven't been able to find an explanation for this, annnd I also tried phoning in to Customer Support, but the person I spoke with gave me a link to an FAQ page completely irrelevant to my problem and was unable to help me.


      I'd really appreciate anybody's help so I can begin making videos with this program!


      Thanks a ton!