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    Flash Photogallery with preloader PLEASE HELP!!!

    nwickliff Level 1

      Ok...So after searching quite a bit I found a decent flash tutorial to help me make a photogallery. The only problem is that it takes quite sometime to load. I would like to create preloader for this swf file but I can't get anything to work. Here is the code for my gallery....Found at the bottom of the page at this site...


      This all works just fine...but no matter what I do I can't seem to get a preloader for this code to work. If I load a simple image in the second frame it works fine, however if I move my flash gallery to second frame it just goes to my gallery after loading...(which takes a while)..no preloader bar or anything!  Here is a link to my site... www.nakean.com visit the blank page for the photo gallery...you have to wait a bit for it to load.  (15 seconds)..Please Please HELP!