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    Alignment tool - how to set reference object?


      I am new to Flash but have used Illustrator and InDesign for years. I am wondering if someone can explain how to set the reference object by which all other objects are aligned; e.g. Illustrator ->select all objects then a second click on the reference object and all other objects take their cue.

      InDesign you lock the reference object and that determines the rest.

      In Flash it seems that either both objects move or the one that I wish to remain in position jumps rather than the other way around.


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't know if you can set a reference object in Flash.  I have always just followed the general rule of aligning into the direction where the alignment basis would not move... meaning if I am aligning to the left, then the leftmost item I would select would be the reference, and if need be I would move other objects to the right of it first.

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            hotstepper305 Level 1

            Thanks for the help.

            I use the (Illustrator) align tool and all the features including distribute, without being able to set a reference it can be quite difficult to distribute spacing from the center out or align from the center if the object is irregular.


            And while I am on this subject I should vent that they have removed the (auto) function from Illustrator, I wish they would be consistent across CS4, if the idea is to increase producivity and reduce the learning curve.