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    PPro + AE Workflow - Time remapping and indiviudal expressions, music sync.

    Hira Meijin




      I've done a lot of work in After Effects while working with it in school and learning the program, but have never really implemented any actual effects or expressions in an actual film. Currently, for a project I'm working on a music based video and hope to include some time remapping and individual expressions on a specific clips. Since my project is music based, and such effects as time remapping would require a lot of synchronization, what would be the best way to add these effects? I've read on a few discussions that it would be best to get the base of my editing done first in Premiere, then import/export (can't remember which) to AE and finish the effects there. This makes sense to me since all of the music would be in its final context. However, I've also read from some that it's easier to add effects to the specific clips that need it, then add them to Premiere project via dynamic link. However, this seems problematic as it would be hard to synchronize with music.


      I'm sure that this isn't an uncommon task, since music videos aren't very daunting, but wondering if I'm just missing something that makes more sense. As always, any all advice and suggestions are greatly appreciated.