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    Sound delay




      something strange happens. I haven't remark that before, while filming wild animals in the nature and the sound is normally covered by wind. But now, coming to some important scenes with direct sound (alarms from impalas), I remark a one to two second sound delay behind the picture. This is the captured footage (HDV 1080i50) from the Sony FX7. As usual I have this problem only in PPR CS4, not with Media player or Picasa. So the footage is correct.

      Video play is not so bad, little tucker happens during fast zoom or H/V moving.

      Nothing to render.


      Any idea?


      Intel Core i7 965

      12 GB Ram

      4 TB Raid 0 (only for video)

      NVidia GTX 260

      Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme


      Editing mode: HDV 1080i
      Timebase: 25.00fps

      Video Settings
      Frame size: 1440h 1080v (1.3333)
      Frame rate: 25.00 frames/second
      Pixel Aspect Ratio: HD Anamorphic 1080 (1.333)
      Fields: Upper Field First

      Audio Settings
      Sample rate: 48000 samples/second



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Try capturing with HDVSplit. That circumvents out-of-sync errors.

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            Bottazzoli-dNpTm1 Level 1

            Perhaps, but I will not remake two years of work, It was fine under XP, under Vista and W7 beta. PPR CS4 seams to be a pro applic. I doo not need a workarround, I need a solution.


            Thanks for replay, JPB

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Looks like your system is not up to it's task, not because of the CPU, that is fast enough, but to disk I/O issues. Care to share some details: Some suggestions and answering at least the 16 questions at the end of the Wiki article?

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                Bottazzoli-dNpTm1 Level 1

                I already verified performances, nothing has changed, all at 100%, all new driver are installed, PPR up to date.

                The (with PPR) captured footage is in sync when playing with Media player, DivX player etc...

                The same footage (full tape) played in PPR has the delay.


                I just tried an older footage, imported into the same project, no delay.

                Seams that the capture is the real problem, as you mentioned before.

                The strange thing is that some of the footages have been captured with my laptop in the field and some others with the editing PC, not all of the footages have the same delay but independent of the capture PC???

                Does not explain the fact that the same footage is played correctly by other software.


                For the moment I just aligned the important scenes and will work on that later. More, I have adjusted the full 60min captured footage (unlink audio-video), exported and re-imported (offline-online). As I'm working with sub clips, they are now in sync. Also a workaround, I know.....


                Thanks for help, JPB


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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  The fact that it plays correctly on a player but is delayed in PR indicates that your system is choking during playback. What is your disk setup?

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                    Bottazzoli-dNpTm1 Level 1

                    C:     System     300GB

                    D:     Scratch     300GB          Rendering

                    E:     Video         4TB Raid 0


                    Reg, JPB

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                      Harm Millaard Level 7

                      It sure does not look like your disk setup is the culprit. Indexing and compression is off on all your disks, right? How many processes does Process Explorer tell you that are active? More than something around 40 means you can kill a number of them to improve performance.

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                        Bottazzoli-dNpTm1 Level 1

                        Hi Harm,


                        Yes, indexing and compression are off, only 32 procs.

                        HDV Split captured videos, played in PPR are in sync.


                        I have verified all the captures during 2009, problem starts in august 2009, upgrade to CS4.


                        Something strange, perhaps you may verify:

                        Capture window - Settings - Capture Settings - HDV - HDV Settings.... NOTHING, is that normal?


                        Reg, JPB

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                          Harm Millaard Level 7

                          It should look something like this:


                          3-1-2010 13-08-50.jpg

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                            Bottazzoli-dNpTm1 Level 1

                            Hi Harm,


                            i have reinstalled the PC from scratch, same problem.

                            Now an interresting test:


                            The Sony FX7 has a speed mode for recording, called quick record. In this mode the smoth and time code accurate adding of new scenes is not possible. In effect I'm using this mode since some months in order to be faster when filming animals in action.

                            But, the footage is sometime interrupted with a red frame and perhaps no more/ not contignouse timecode.


                            As long i have worked with scene splitting, no problem. The corrupted scenes hae not been integrated into the video. Now I'm working with sub clips from the full lenght video (following pro advices on the forum and while PPR does not support scenen splitting in HDV). Such interupptions may cause the out of synch in the footage (Still not explaining why it works with other software).


                            At all, I have recorded a 60 min TV screen, in normal recording mode, and there is no out of synch on this tape. I will remake another one and a take in quick record mode, in order to be certain.


                            Will take you informed, JPB

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                              Harm Millaard Level 7

                              What you are describing with the red frames is caused by dropped frames. These are indicated by these red frames and it causes your audio to go out of sync. The more dropped frames you have, the more serious your out of sync issues will be. It is the major drawback of the PR capture utility and the reason why I advise to use HDVSplit, which does a pretty good job to correct that. Now you have to do it manually...


                              Dropped frames can be caused by a lot of factors, bad tape, cluttered heads, etcetera. Sometimes it will help to use a tape cleaning tape prior to capturing. As a general rule, ALWAYS use the same brand of tape in your camera and NEVER re-use tapes.

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                                Bottazzoli-dNpTm1 Level 1

                                Hi harm,


                                Fact is that the Sony FX7 make this in the mentionned Quick Record Mode (see Sony User Manual).

                                HD Split cannot correct this, I have tested with the same tape(s). PPR says "Error in MPEG Stream detected at frame...."


                                Conclusion, not PPR CS4, not the Hardware but the recorded video is the cause of the problem.


                                End of the story, thanks for help, regards JPB