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    adobe premiere pro cs4 rendering problems mpeg 2



      im using premiere pro cs4 and when i want to render it out to mpeg 2 the video goes blurry and i lose quality drastically at the end of the rendering, also the text is barley readable. the actual file is super quality when i capture it (upload it) no problems its just when i render it, it ends up becoming blurry and distorted. wy does that happen, has anyone else faced this problem?all my adobe cs4 master collection is uptodate

      i use the following formats
      mpeg 2
      video frame size 720 x 576
      bitrate constant 6mpbs
      aspect ratio 4:3
      field: top filed first 
      frame rate 25

      layer 2
      bitrate 192kbps
      frequency: 48khz
      mode stereo
      crc: on

      please help, i have been facing this problem for some time now and would like to get some answers.