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    Problems with Audio after Export in Premiere Pro CS3


      I'm current working with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 and after I export my project to either an AVI or MPEG (doesn't seem to matter), you can hear this choppy humming sound in the background during the entire video.


      The audio sounds absolutely fine while listening to it in Premiere itself it's only after I export it.  This is the first time this has happened, I've never had such issues before.


      I've tried turning Multiplexing off, I've tried MPEG2 vs. DVD in Multiplexing with no difference.  I've tried MPEG vs. PCM as an audio format, I've tried different frequency's, different bitrates, constant vs. Variable and nothing seems to work.  Funny thing though, if I export only a portion of the video, the audio seems fine.  It's only if I export the entire video that I get this choppy humming noise in the background.  I thought perhaps it's just a certain file in the project that's causing this but no matter what portion of the video I export, it sounds fine...I don't get it.


      I've attached an example of my problem to this post...anyone have any ideas?