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    I Need a way to test computer Power Supply

    Powered by Design Level 4

      Im running a 2005 Dell XPS

      Intel Pentium 4  3.4GHz


      I get a BSOD (Blue Screen of DEATH) every once in awhile.  Mostly at startup.


      The code seems to be something with hard drives.


      Now being an old maching and adding 2 more drives for a total of 3 i had to us splitters to power everything.


      I also have a Nvidia 9800GT card with 1024MB RAM with 2 six power ran to it also.


      I have looked on the outside of my case but cant see what my PSU power is.


      I know I could open it up but was wondering if there was any software kinda like CPU-Z that could read what is inside my computer ?


      Maybe something that could add up all that is inside and see how much is being used ?



      I will be building a new i7 soon but for now this is what I have.


      I ran the PPBM4 test and think im going to take over the LAST spot.


      Here are the results:


      Powered by DESIGN,   Personal or Computer ID
      DELL,  Computer Manufacturer
      XPS,   Computer Model
      329.6,  secs Total Benchmark Time
      54,  secs AVI  Encoding Time
      179.6,  secs MPEG Elapsed Time
      96,  secs Rendering Time
      Intel,    CPU Manufacturer
      Pentium 4 550,    CPU Model
      3.4,    GHz CPU speed
      1,    Number of CPU chips
      1,    Total Number of Cores
      3,    GB RAM
      4.2.1,    APP Version PPBM4 DV
      XP 32,    OSVersion
      SATA,    OS Disk Interface
      1000,    GB OS Disk Capacity
      7200,    OS Disk Speed
      SATA,    Project Disk Interface
      500,    GB Project Disk Capacity
      7200,    Project Disk Speed
      750,    Preview Disk Interface
      500,    GB Preview Disk Capacity
      7200,    Preview Disk Speed
      SATA,    Output Disk Interface
      500,    GB Output Disk Capacity
      7200,    Output Disk Speed
      Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT,    Graphics Board
      This test really shows how slow my computer is,    Comment



      ENjoy:  GLenn