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    DirectX acceleration with SDK

    papango dapp



      i'm new in programming plugins for Premiere Pro but i've downloaded the SDK for CS4.

      With this tool in one hand and the Nvida SDK on the other, do you guys think it's possible to make a plugin for GPU acceleration to be used on editing strongly encoded files like AVCHD or Canon 5D h264 40Mbps footages ?


      Instead i always need to transcode them to another "cpu-intensive-less" codec like sorenson v3 or any other intraframe format for realtime editing because it's painfull for the CPU even you have octo-core with gigs of ram...


      My idea is to put a plugin i would write using the SDK wich will bypass the h264 mainconcept decoder wich come by default with premiere pro CS4 and instead, use DirectShow to provide smooth playback and scrubbing.


      Note : playing those h264 quicktime files are smooth with VLC or Windows Media Player. Would be great to be able to edit those files without transcoding them !


      Have a try on this one and you will understand what i'm talking about :



      download the file and drop it on the premiere pro timeline, then just hit the Play button.

      The first second will play then you will just have audio and video will freeze. Outside premiere Pro, the file plays with no problem using quicktime or VLC.


      So, would it be difficult to do with the SDK ?