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    Workflow from PP timeline to DVD

    George g8fgsfdg8

      Premier Pro 1.5

      Encore 1.5

      SD 4:3 NTSC 48K 16 bit footage (DV25)


      A) Once the timeline is complete in PP, what results in a better quality DVD (all transcodong settings being equal)?:


      1) MPEG-2 conversion (Main Concept) straight from the PP timeline and then import to Encore




      2) Export DV AVI from the PP timeline, import to Encore and transcode in Encore (Main Concept)




      3) Does not matter


      B) Is there any benefit to exporting the PP timeline as an uncompressed AVI or a less compressed AVI (ex: Lagarith) than as DV AVI before importing to Encore for transcoding and DVD authoring? IOW does Camera DV AVI>PP timeline>DV AVI result in additional compresion loss vs Camera DV AVI>PP timeline>uncompressed AVI?





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          lestra7 Level 1

          A 1)

          B yes, if you must export in AVI better is uncompressed

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            It will depend on your source footage (mainly rapid subject, or camera motion), and on the Duration of your Timeline/Sequence. If you have plenty of room on your DVD-Video disc, you can do the bit-budgeting and then Export at the highest bit-rate (up to about 8mb/s), use 2-pass VBR and fit your resulting MPEG-2 onto the disc. I'd still do Export as Video-only and Audio-only (PCM/WAV, or DVD-compliant AC3), rather than as a single muxed file, and Import the MPEG as a Timeline into Encore, and the WAV as an Asset. Just drag the WAV from the Project Panel to the appropriate Timeline and then do your navigation - done. If you have a loner Duration (or multiple Sequences, likely to fill up the disc), do get a bit-rate calculator and remember, the bit-rate will be for both the Audio & the Video combined. If you need a higher bit-rate for your Video, you can make a bit more room by using DD AC3, instead of PCM/WAV - might not be a lot, but might get you a few more b/s in your Transcode.


            I do not recall if Encore 1.5 had the Automatic Transcode setting, but in Encore 2.0, I use that most of the time. I just Export my PrPro Timeline as a DV-AVI Type II (Video-only), and the Audio-only AC3 (I do DD 5.1 SS for most Projects), and follow the steps above. I find that the automatic setting will do a wonderful job in all but the most action-filled Sequences. Even then, you can pass on Automatic and set the Transcode manually.


            Also, some people feel that there are other MPEG-2 encoders, that surpass the included MainConcept one. Most of these are stand-alone encoders, and in that case, I'd look into one that could handle the Lagarith Lossless CODEC, using that as an intermediate file.


            Good luck,