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    Flash Bug - or bad code?


      I am loading a random swf into an empty movie clip and seem to be having some wierd problems with the blur flyouts.


      First here is the working code:


      filename = ["splash1.swf", "splash2.swf", "splash3.swf", "splash4.swf"];
      path = "/movieloads/";
      i = filename.length;
      k = Math.floor(Math.random()*i);
      loadMovie(path+filename[k], "holder");
      holder.x = 200;
      holder.y = 200;


      Here is the website:



      You will see on the left fly-out and the right fly-out where the problem is - occasionally the blurred out image is different than the loaded image.


      I am assuming the problem lies in "i = filename.length;"