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    Capturing Film

    AllyPugh Level 1

      I have plugged in my DV camera, it has been recognised by the system.


      But when I choose to 'capture' the footage in Premiere Pro CS3 it says 'Can't Activate Recorder'. Try Resetting Camera'


      I'm not aware of a reset option on this camera, and I don't want to risk losing the important footage i've already recordered on it?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Often, this is an indicator that you camera is not in the correct mode. Check the mode. Also, some cameras are very sensitive as to when they are turned on, and how the Capture is timed. Some want to be plugged-in, turned on, and then PrPro launched, and finally the Capture module. Others want PrPro to be running with the Capture module started, and then the camera turned on. I'd try all variations, and take notes, so if this is the problem, you'll know what to turn on, and in which order.


          Good luck,



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            AllyPugh Level 1

            There are 2 modes: 'Camera' (record) and 'Play' (play back). It is the 'Play' option I am using.


            I have tried all methods of turn on and in all possible orders and it still has the same msg appear?

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              fred tyler

              hi, resetting the camera will not lose any of your footage, just turn off the camera. close all programs turn on the camera, wait for windows to offer to use pp with the camera. Press F5 the capture from suitable camera. If that doesn't work I would say that you have a camera or project setting incorrect.


              regards fred.

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                Huntrex Level 2

                In the settings tab of the capture window, make sure that DV is set as your capture mode. I have this message appear occasionally, and it is fixed by exiting the capure window, turning the camera off and back on again.