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    A Bug in mx:TabNavigator ? See small example here

      Hi all,
      Maybe it's a bug in the TabNavigator component... should I fill a new bug in the system or is that behaviour well known?

      Just compile the code attach to this message.
      It's a simple application with a mx:TabNavigator and some buttons. When you create a new tab, via ActionScript, the 1st tab ca be automatically selected.
      But when you delete all the tabs (either by calling removeAllChildren(), or by calling subsequently removeChildAt(...) on every tabs), you wont be able to select the 1st tab, unless you create a second one, select the new one and select the 1st one afterward.

      Is there any workaround for this?!
      I really need to find a fix now, I can't wait another revision of the Flex framework . . .

      Please someone, help me!!!


      P.S. It's not a bug in the attach code, anybody can try this at home, with the same result...