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    Need help with a gotoURL automatically loading?




      HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I have a question regarding linking to an URL.  I have a text button that I want linked to a URL when clicked.  I am using ActionScript 2.0 not 3.0 thus have very limited tutorials to review. 


      I am currently using the following script on the button:


      on (release) {




      This works but there is a glitch.


      It is not waiting for click/release ... it is "automatically" going to the url without waiting?


      Is there way to have it "wait" for the click?  I do not know what code to ad in Action Script 2.0 to do this since I used the Script Assist for the URL command under Global Functions.  I have uploaded the file incase you wish to view.


      As always, all help and suggestions are appreciated.  THANKS!