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    Why does my MP4 play poorly in PE, but not in QT?


        Ive been using PE for all my MP4 files and making DVDs with no problems until now. I import an MP4 that looks great when played in QT. But once imported to PE, it plays poorly. Kind of looks like its not deinterlaced. When I burned a DVD, the video had kind of a "ghosted" look to it. Like a blurred double image. Im guessing that the source of the video has something to do with this problem, but I just dont know what it is.  The MP4 is one I downloaded off the web using the site keepvid. Also, the resolution is 1280x720.


        Edit: I noticed something odd, while in PE the video plays fine in the preview window. But when I drag it to the timeline to edit, it looks horrible. Why is that?


      Edit: From what I can figure,the project settings were 4:3 720x480. The MP4 is 16:9 1280-720. Ive tried starting a new project and chaged to 16:9 AR, but I cant seem to change the resolution.