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    How would I do this (Embedding video) ?


      Hello All;

      I'm new to Flash and just finished going through the Total Training DVDs on Learning Flash CS3.


      I have a requirement to do something similar to this ...




      Would this be considered a custom skin ? What is the level of complexity for doing something like this ?


      I need a specific video to play when a user clicks on specific links as in the example above.


      Anyone know of the location for the best tutorial on how to do something similar to this ?


      Thanks much.



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          that's a custom player.  a custom skin starts with a flash component and then changes its appearance.


          that nasa player is so different from the corresponding (flvplayback) component, it's safe to assume that's not a custom skin but a custom player.


          you can create your own custom player using the netstream class (as2 and as3) or, if your using as3, the videoplayer class.