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    Zend Remote-Finally !!!

    David_F57 Level 5

      Hi All,


      Hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours and finally I can see a basic mysql database table on a remote host. 


      I'm not quite ready to say Woohoo !!! yet as this took paying for a hosted virtual machine and going through several variations on debian and centos installs before zend stopped ******** about bad versions or channel disconnects of who knows what because apparently zend work on the free-mason principle of only providing any insight if you know the secret hand shake, and to be honest zend can keep there own hand on it.


      The point of the exercise was to get zend working in a hosting environment that actually has real bandwidth and real 0% down time, yes there are hundreds of hosts offering cheap very uptodate software hosting but these are far from commercially viable hosts and I might as well test on a commodore 64 for all those cheap hosts are worth.


      @Adobe - please please give us a better way to create release builds for php based applications. What would really be nice is the ability to set up a remote server in the wizard then that is used automatically when preparing for release. At the moment the release build doesn't even include the services folder.

      (just a thought if the datawizard plugins were open source(or even a basic template) then we would probably see a rash of great plugin extensions or new creations for all things database driven)


      @Zend, no faith, no trust, no respect,  thats what you have instilled in me. (all I ever asked was for 1 example and configuration of a remote zendAMF setup, but no it was all local or all zend-server). I now use virtual machine hosting(and thats were all current and future clients will be moved to) which allows me to have any software I want, the chances of zend server getting anywhere near it - ZERO,  Honestly I think I will end up back with amfphp. I persevere with the zend framework only becuase I need to trust Adobe's decisions otherwise i'm developing in the wrong environment.



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          SunilAdobe Adobe Employee

          Thanks David for the feedback


          Not sure if you are on pre-release forums, now there is an option to include the services folder as part of Export Release Build. The DCD features has extensibility, we are working towards documenting the same (Gaurav has already built a Ruby On Rails plugin to use DCD features @ http://dcdror.riaforge.org/blog/index.cfm/2009/10/9/Using-Ruby-On-Rails-plugin-for-DCD ).


          Irrespective of extensibility, the opening up of templates is a good idea, I have filed a ECR for that http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FB-25147


          As far as the Zend issues are concerned, I urge you refer some of the discussions regarding this in the pre-release forums, where there is information on what are the new things that are being introduced in Zend and how it is better and secure compared to amfphp.




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            David_F57 Level 5

            Hi Sunil,


            I am on pre-release, I didn't see anything in the latest build relating to including the release folder, but i will have a better look, I think the discussions on where zend is heading is divided. I think that when people start trying to get zend working on commercial hosting thats when there will be some negative feedback plus I don't hold hope on improves to an already lack-lustre performance I am seeing on mid sized tables when using zend (30-40% slower than amfphp). As zend continues to add layers of abstraction performance will continue to take hits.


            I think for those that like zend's love of abstraction thats fine but the same people don't seem to understand the performance ramifications. Even in its most basic form which many people will want for amf-php its performance is atrocious.


            It was Gaurav's(good one Gaurav) work that got me thinking about 'open' templates(maybe i will have to add java to my list of things I need to know).


            Thanks for the jira entry, i'll have to go check on it, if you haven't done so already i'll bring it to the attention of the pre-release mob.